The Easy Way To Stop Smoking

December 6th, 2016 by admin

With so many illnesses associated with smoking, in particular the relationship between smoking and the progression of lung cancer, it is amazing to see how so many people voluntarily take part in this pastime! Why is it that these mostly mature, fairly intelligent men and women of every society admit such a small object to have so much control with their lives? You’d assume it would be easy to just say “NO” to this little death machine, but in actuality it just is not so.

Why? Because smoking is a habit and habits are difficult to break. Interestingly even attempts to raise the price of a pack of cigarettes have not succeeded to slow the great demand. And although they are nowhere near cheap, cigarettes are very easy to buy, which makes it even harder to break your habit.

Smoking is the greatest cause to lung cancer. Besides causing lung cancer, cigarette smoking can cause other health-related problems like emphysema, bronchitis, and heart disease. Combine cigarette smoking with excess weight, stress, and a inactive lifestyle, and a person who smokes quite literally becomes a ticking time bomb.

Here are a few interesting bits of information about smoking and lung cancer.

Any amount of smoking can ultimately cause lung cancer, but how long you have been smoking, how deeply you breathe in the smoke, and the quantity of cigarettes you smoke daily all effect the development of lung cancer. It goes without saying that people who smoke more than a pack a day and who have smoked for a greater part of their lives are significantly increasing the likelihood that lung cancer will develop.

Quitting smoking might not stop lung cancer from developing, but doing so still is highly recommended. You right away lower your risk of getting lung cancer the second you stop (but only when you stop for good). The body will go into repair mode a day or two after you quit. It’s not possible to tell whether the damage that has been internal can be corrected, but quiting is worth the chance.

Passive smoking can also cause lung cancer, even with people who don’t smoke. Passive smoking is the same as inhaling second-hand smoke. If you smoke, be considerate to others who don’t. Do not smoke in enclosed spaces such as a house or a car. This is particularly critical around small children who do not even know the dangers they’re being exposed to.

If a pregnant woman smokes, then her unborn baby smokes too!

At this time in history it is clear to all who has any association to a cultured society that smoking has nothing for you but dangerous effects. The effect caffein has on your body is exceedingly outweighed by the devastating effect of the tars and chemicals you absorb. If you can’t stop for yourself, do it for your family or even for the destructive effects it has on the society in general.
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